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NOAA Tsunami
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This NOAA Tsunami Website was developed in collaboration with the NOAA Tsunami Team headed by DL Johnson and has been endorsed by the NOAA Tsunami team. It was created to meet the overwhelming need for tsunami information following the Indonesian Sumatra tsunami of Dec 26, 2004. For more information on the NOAA Tsunami website please contact

Credits for home page photographs:

The banner photograph is from the NOAA Photo Library. In the Home Page collage, the hazard photos are from Dr. Jose Borrero of the University of Southern California Tsunami research group, the Indonesian model image is from Dr. Vasily Titov of the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (formerly known as the Tsunami Research Program at NOAA/PMEL), and the DART buoy photograph is from the DART development project at NOAA/PMEL.

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